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    What does it cost to use WiredJob?

    At the moment, it costs nothing to use WiredJob

    How does WiredJob Work?

    WiredJob has two level of users:

    1. The Employer who is looking to hire, and
    2. The Freelancer who is looking to work.

    The employer posts a job he needs done and freelancers bid for that job. He picks a winner, and contacts the person. As soon as the job is delivered, both the employer and the freelancer rate themselves.

    The employer can skip posting a job and decide to go through our list of freelancers and contact any of them.

    On the other hand, a freelancer after registering on our platform, updates his profile, contact details and portfolio in other to make his profile attractive to employers.

    What kind of experts can you find on WiredJob?

    In WiredJob, you can find experts ranging from artisans to IT experts. Could be a plumber, carpenter, car mechanic, Logo designer, website designer, architect….

    Where can i set my phone number and other contact details?

    This can be done under your “Profile Details” on  your profile page

    How can i find an expert on WiredJob?

    There are two ways one can find an expert on WiredJob.

    1. You can post a project you need done and invite experts to come and bid for the project. You can then choose who you want to do the job.
    2. You can simply go through our list of experts and contact anyone close to your location.

    What is the cost of posting a Jobon WiredJob?

    The cost of posting a job on WiredJob is free. But the Job will have to  be approved by the WiredJob Team before it is made visible to other users of the website.